We specialize in providing Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management Concept and Strategies

Our core practices areas include energy efficiency and demand-side management, renewable energy analysis, climate action planning, sustainability planning, water conservation and management, training and outreach. 

Energy Efficiency, Conservation & Management

Energy Auditing * Energy Performance Project Management * Evaluation, Measurement & Verification * Energy Use Analysis & Benchmarking * Energy Modeling & Simulation * Utility Pricing & Billing Analysis * Utility Grants & Rebates    

Renewable and Clean Energy Analyses & Planning

Solar Power Feasibility Analysis * Wind Power Feasibility Analysis * Community Solar * PV Watts * Renewable Energy Credits * Carbon Credits 

Sustainability Planning

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis * Climate Action Planning    

Environmental Compliance & Management

Environmental Management Systems * Multi-Media Compliance Auditing * NEPA Analysis & Review   

Water Conservation & Management